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In just under a week the setting will be set at Hampton Court Palace for some of the rarest cars in existance, in addition to these fine cars, Harry Metcalf of Harry's garage will also be filming his Youtube channel Harry's Garage from the Concours of Elegance event. He will be showcasing some of the finest cars in the world including the Koenigsegg Agera RS Naraya.

If your a car enthusiast in any way shape or form, you will familiar with the founder of Evo magazine and Harry's Garage his down-to-earth style has netted him 100's of thosands of You Tube subscribers. His style is unique and the cars he showcases vary greatly as for his personal garage - beauty and performance in bucket loads with down-to-earth cars, rare marques and everthing between including the Renault Clio through to the most luxurious Ferrari Maranello.

Recently we had the chance to speak to Harry Metcalf at the Goodwood Festival of Speed on the JLR exhibition, where we got chance to quiz him on the Jaguar Project 7 & 8, and the SVR range, in which he was part of the dev team that researched and developed the platform.

Our aim is grab Harry, and talk more cars, however he is likely to be very busy with showcasing a bevvy of rare motors, one model which Harry Metcalf will be keen to delve into at the Concourse of Elegance at Hampton Court Koenigsegg Agera RS Naraya. A hypercar like no other a fully blue tinted carbon fibre body with genuine 18 karat gold leaf and that's on the outside as well as the inside, powered by a 1063 bhp V8 TwinTurbo engine, to put it bluntly the Agera RS is one of the most powerful cars in the world.

If the Naraya doesn't float your boat, Harry will also be showcasing two very special Pagani models Huarya which has an AMG sourced TwinTurbo V12 6L powertain which develops over 700bhp and tops out at around 230 miles per hour, like the McLaren P1 the Huarya is equipped with adjustable various aerodynamic offerings to assist in braking, cornering and enhancing grip. In addition to the Huarya, a classic, if you can call it that Zonda S a car limited to just 25 models of these were made, a mid-engine mounted 600 bhp car that was devised by Formula One legend Fangio and Horatio Pagani.

Fancy seeing the Jaguar CX75 the car made famous from the latest James Bond film Spectre, get up close and personal and take in the other Jags on show.


The Concourse of Elegance is true automobiles Nirvana, if you're a fan of the bull Lamborghini's Countach 5000 QV will be on show signed by legend Valentino Balboni a V12 5.2 L QV, the Quattro Valvole.



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