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Been looking at safeguarding your vehicle and your journeys?  Well you need the most recent, big innovation - a high quality dash cam and it just happens we are giving away a 412GW courtesy Nextbase UK on our the Planet Auto Instagram page.
The first footage ever recorded was in 1969, in Australia, when a lady filmed driving footage on her new Cinefilm of her son Peter, driving. She was completely unaware of what she had just discovered, and how important the dash cam would become.  
Your first decision is - Do you want just one camera, on your dashboard, or do you want more?
There are several different options available, with the single dashcam being the logical first choice, although some people have even installed several cameras inside their vehicle, including one man who has put in several around the interior of his vehicle - not just the dash, covering multiple viewpoints. A good choice is front and back, a option utilised in high end super cars. 
The dashboard mounted camera is now big business, with insurance companies offering lower premiums for drivers who install them, and prove that they are "good" drivers. However, there are multiple reasons for having a dash cam, verses not having one. Here's our 10 reasons to have a Dashcam - 
1)  To cover you whilst driving, in the event of any challenges you may encounter. The 1st thing that an insurance company will do will be to request evidence - dashcam footage is the perfect solution.
2)  Recording questionable driving, which can be given to the police, or uploaded to YouTube, if that's what you prefer. 
3)  Covering yourself in car parks. Not all people are as courteous as you whilst parking or manoeuvering. A permanentley installed stealth dashcam will record everything and everything.
4)  Evidence for acts of vandalism, whether it's your pride and joy being keyed, or your car witnessing someone else's vehicle being damaged. 
5)  Car spotting - the perfect way to get up to 4K car footage - whether it's spy shots of the latest 2018 Phantom, or the Ferrari creeping past you in 2nd gear, at 9,000 revs. A dashcam will catch it all, leaving you with the perfect footage ready for your Instagram, YouTube etc account.
6)  Documenting your journey - a record for you to upload to your website or blog, or just keep a record of your journeys.
7)  Catching the unknown, whether it's a shooting star, or a UFO - this gives you some great footage to ponder over, and you can always upload it to YouTube.
8)  Recording business meetings - the sound option comes in very handy here, and you can transcribe the audio of your meeting at your leisure. It can even capture your 'Lightbulb!' moments.
9)  Use your dashcam to look out for pets - safe guard yours, and everyone else's, from injury, theft and misadventure.
10) That perfect nature shot, a swooping owl, recording your bird watching the list is endless.
There's our 10 reasons why to buy a dashcam, and don't forget to enter our Nextbase 412 GW giveaway on Instagram.
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