Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Mercedes Benz eSprinter Review

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The Mercedes Benz eSprinter is an interesting alternative to the diesel, the first thing you need to know though is this van will not suit everybody.

The Electric Sprinter is powered by a 90kW electric motor develops 114 bhp and offers just over 90 miles of range, it has driving modes and 4 levels of regenerative braking.

It has a lower payload limit than the eVito and comes in one size and trim L2 H2 and Progressive.

This is the perfect van for a local delivery company, motorway driving is possible and in all honesty it drives great weight, find out more in our review. 

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Maybach Landaulet G650

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It's not long till the Geneva Motor show, and if recent whispers are anything to go by, we may see a real symbol of luxury and immense power, the Mercedes Maybach Landaulet.
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Mercedes Sports cars

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Sports Car Gallery

The rarest and most advanced German motor cars of the era. From the 1938 W125, a car well before it's time, all pictured in the Mercedes Benz Museum in Stuttgart.


1938 Mercedes Benz W 125

A Twelve Cylinder car built way back in 1938, however the design is way more aerodynamic than any other vehicle of its time, this German supercar was capable of a Top speed 268.9 MPH



Top - C-111


Bottom Right - F400 Carving


Bottom Left - 2003 Mercedes benz F500 Concept



Various Mercedes cars including the 300SL




A list of the letters relating to the various Mercedes models over the years.




The CLK GTR engineered by AMG



Formula 1 car





Different German car models including the 1


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EV race heating up with Mercedes

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It looks like the electric car race is heating up - again - with a new contender. Mercedes this time, who are creating an electric car sub-brand.

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Mercedes Museum

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The Stuttgart Mercedes Benz Museum, Germany

A few examples of classic Mercedes Benz motor cars from the 1900 to 1940's, some of the most loved German autos.

Examples of Classic Merc cars



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