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It's an interesting question and my answer, both. Now don't get me wrong if I had a ramp or pit I would attempt way more repairs, parts changes, modifications, gearbox tweaks, suspension work, exhaust bits, oil changes and sump cleaning to name a few.

What's your choice though do you prefer a garage to carry out your services, brakes, exhaust fitting or would you rather bond with your car and sort these little repair jobs yourself. Recently I've just had a local garage in Morecambe, Steven Sparks Auto Services fit a set of Konis and H & R springs for a great price, and as always I got the mechanic to sort a few issues, bearings, oil leak and brakes.

When it comes to your MOT do you prepare your car your self? If so our pre MOT guide may help you with what is required on the annual Ministry of Tranport test.

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