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If you are looking at this, you're probably asking yourself: "What are the fastest production cars in the world, today.

Production cars and racing cars

This is the list of the top 10 fastest street-legal cars by top speed.

#10. Gumpert Apollo 

- Top Speed: 223 MPH/359 KMH

#9. Noble M600

- Top Speed: 225 MPH/362 KMH

#8. Zento STI

- Top Speed: 233 MPH/375 KMH

#7. McLaren F1

- Top Speed: 240 MPH/386 KMH

#6. Koenigsegg CCX

- Top Speed: 245 MPH/394 KMH

#5. Saleen S7 Twin

- Top Speed: 248 MPH/399 KMH

#4. SSC Ultimate Aero

- Top Speed: 256 MPH/412 KMH

#3. Koenigsegg Agera R

- Top Speed: 260 MPH/418 KMH

#2. Bugatti Veyron S.S.

- Top Speed: 267 MPH/430 KMH

#1. Hennessey Venom GT

- Top Speed: 270 MPH/435 KMH

New fastest car in the world 

Bugatti Chiron

- Top Speed: 288mph/463 KMH 

0-124 mph 6.5 secs 

Well there we are the Fastest Cars Top 10, well that's not entirely accurate there is one more and it's limited to 261 mph.

We of course mean the W16 8 litre quad turbo charged, Bugatti Chiron, the last quad turbo car was the Ford GT90 a car rumoured to not be able to use it's full power with out twisting it's chassis.

However that was a few years ago now, the Chiron has 1479 bhp and can reach a believed 288mph full top speed. This Supercar is capable of producing 1600 nm of torque (1180lb ft). This new fastest car in the world can empty it's full 100 litre tank at full speed in 8 mins.

Want one? £1.9 million and it's your. 


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