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The ultimate supercar, developed and manufactured in celebration of Ferrari Formula 1's achievement and in memory of the founder of the Italian Supercar manufacturer. This car is everything an Italian supercar should be, outstanding looks and styling, powerful engine and the image to carry it off - The ultimate modern day marque a real reflection of Enzo's passion for performance and great sports cars.


A supercar to bear the founders name, good Enough?

Pininfarina designed, boasting unique but meaningful styling with more than the purpose of just making the supercar look good, the design is based on a Formula 1 car. 
The Enzo car's entire shell is designed in such a way to ensure optimum airflow therefore providing perfect aerodynamics, engine / brake cooling and drag reduction while creating unsurpassed levels of traction-enhancing downforce. The aerodynamics under this Ferrari are so perfect that the car does not need a large rear wing due to the aerodynamics maintained continually at speed by onboard auto adjusters which position the 2 front flaps and rear spoiler.
Engine, gearbox and drive system
The Enzo is powered by a state of the art ultra-light, 6.0 litre V12 engine, however sporting various unique engineering features. The performance goals were extremely high very similar to the Audi RS4 which achieved a similar gain per litre. The aim for this Ferrari was to produce 110 bhp per litre which they achieved - the car has unbelievable torque from low revs through to its top speed. The Enzo produces more than 383 lb-ft of torque at 3,000 rpm this torque with variable inlet & exhaust valves, and electronic engine management to control each row of cylinders. The car is fitted with drive-by-wire throttle, meaning it is extremely responsive from the off. Similar to an F1 car, the gearbox is linked directly to the engine rear using a casting which also serves the purpose of an engine oil tank. The 6 speed gearbox utilises triple cone synchronizers throughout all the Enzo's gear ratios, thus ensuring a perfect smooth gear change, this process is entirely controlled by the electrohydraulic system & driver activated by the use of twin paddles located behind the steering wheel, another F1 addition.
The Enzo comes with a new 3 spoke, 350 mm diameter steering wheel with a flat-top and the addition of a row of LEDs to indicate engine revs and even more fun controls 3 on each side of the air-bag all linked to the car controls.
The dash consists of a rev-counter, speedo this displays a top speed of 250 mph (400 km/h) and a graphic screen populated with many different readout which can be used more many readings to be displayed.
All buyers of this Ferrari Supercar had the option of being invited to the Italian manufacturers to receive a tailored custom cockpit designed specifically for their taste, a choice of 4 width fittings for cushion and backrest of the leather Sparco seats. In addition it came with a fully adjustable accelerator and brake pedals can be changed to accommodate any driver whether your a left foot braker or not.
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