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Alfa 8C Competizione

The history

This exclusive Alfa supercar was a Gran Turismo limited edition car showcased in Paris.
This typical yet different Italian supercar was designed exclusively by Alfa Romeo, this car was the realisation of a similar concept car at the 2003 Frankfurt Motor Show star attraction. This auto genius mixes industrial, technical design expertise and knowledge from the Alfa Maserati Centre.
Alfa Romeo’s car the 8C is inspired from its manufacturers iconic past. The car's name is derived from various places. The 8C was used to identify off road and on-road racing of the 1930's & 40's designed and produced by Vittorio Jano, his eight cylinder engines were identified with the 8C code. The ‘Competizione’ is owed to the ‘6C 2500 Competizione’,a 1950's coupe infamous by duo Fangio and Zanardi participating in the Mille Miglia race.
This Alfa Romeo car merges victories worldwide driven by its drivers passion and skill combined with years of research, development and technology - this motor car is the result of all these achievements.
This car has the new role, of reaffirming the Italian car manufacturers place on the planet.
Styling and aerodynamics
The whole package redefines the automobile, its shape fresh inspired by its creators at the Alfa Romeo style centre. It truly is an inspirational two seater and comes equipped with bucket seats unique to The Gran Turismo series of cars. The 8C Competizione remains true to its original concept first shown in Frankfurt, Germany. A reflection of perfect harmony. 
The car demonstrates true mathematical precision all pillars, glass and its profile have all been tested in a wind tunnel, thus allowing a Cz which is negative (lift coefficient) to create an optimum level of stability at high speed. Yet still amongst all these modern additions, there is still a revised version of the ‘whiskers’ and shield motif.
This car may have been derived from inspiration from Alfa's history, that in mind it still reflects its own unique design & style, a few cars it does owe homage to are the Giulia TZ, 33 Coupé Stradale and a few more. The 8C is available in a range of unique colours, to enhance its stunning design and looks.

4.7 V8 ‘belcanto' & Box

The 8C Competizione comes with a completely new all aluminium 90° V8 engine with a cylinder capacity of 4691 cc. The main goal of such a powerful engine was to give the italian supercar unbridled performance, whilst still maintaining a smooth drive, which was usable in all weather and road conditions, basically a racing and an everyday car. This was achieved the result is a sporty drive lightning response times assisted by a low inertia flywheel, high performance air intake and twin-plate clutch, fully lightened and balanced crank ensuring a V8 that runs with no noticeable vibration. 
Reliability and quietness, with truly amazing engine tones.
Max power - 450 bhp @ 7000 rpm
Peak torque - 470 Nm @ 4750 rpm
Top speed - N/A but achieved 7500 rpm
80% torque available from 2000 rpm
The 8C's transmission is from a previous Alfa Romeo, the gearbox uses trans-axle architecture meaning it sits at the back of the of the Competizione, this inturn with the design means optimum weight distribution to enhance the car's handling.
The box itself is 6 speed and utilises a computerized speed selection operated by the driver using a paddle system positioned behind the steering wheel. The system is operational in Normal - Manual, Sport-Manual; Normal-Auto; Sport-Auto and Ice mode. The cars unique differential allows complete stability and acceleration while being driven under immense strain.

Keeping her on the road

The car comes fitted with a double wishbone suspension layout featuring an additional aluminium axle carrier and arms with an extra strut.
The brakes come with vented discs, brake callipers constructed from Aluminium, 20” tyres inhouse developed providing outstanding performance and grip: the front comes with 245/35 and the rear 285/35, complimented by perforated alloy rims in fluid moulded aluminium.'The Alfa Competizione' also is kitted out with a state of the art VDC.

What's the deal?

The car deisgn is based on a light structure, rigid with a compact steel frame, this gives a high level of torsional rigidity, and for added flex and strength the 8C is finished off with carbon fibre. On the inside you will find anatomical designed seats designed constructed from more carbon fibre which are completely adjustable to the physical characteristics of the driver.
A unique supercar featuring driver user-friendliness and the addition of 470 Nm of torque and 450 bhp. 
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