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The Citroen SM

Engineered by Maserati

The SM was released in Paris at the Autosalon. The Citroen SM was built and engineered by Maserati & Citroen, and the car was nothing short of spectaclular it even had Roues Resin (Carbon fibre wheels) as an optional extra developed specifically by Michelin. They weighed only 4.2 kgs instead 9.4 kgs for a steel version.
The SM was basically a racing car with added extra of being a four seater, with a Bosch D-jetronic electronic fuel injection, delivering 178 DIN hp in 1973. The car basically ran the same system as on the DS.
New tires 205/70 VR 15 are fitted. This boosted the top speed to around 230 km/h, it was also kitted out with a Borg Warner automatic gearbox.

Citroen SM Specifications

Maserati 90 degree V6, 2670cc 87x75mm
170 DIN hp @ 5500 rpm
2 overhead camshafts per head
3 twin choke Weber carburettors
DIRAVI speed dependant powered steering
195/70 VR 15 X tires, servo disc brakes all round
Fully independent and self levelling suspension
Topspeed: 150 km/h.
The fastest front wheel drive car at that time.
1975 saw production of the Citroen SM stopped.
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