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Land Rover history

The heritage of Land Rover and the Ford connection

Landrover is relatively young compared to many other car manufacturers. Born in 1948 the famed Land Rover name has become a household synonimous with impeccable 4x4 wheel drive off roaders. The first of the Landy carnation was the Defender. The introduction of the Defender, Discovery, Range Rover, Freelander and now the Range Rover Sport have pushed Land rover into various directions, from farmers wnating a rugged vehicle to rapper wanting a bling 4x4. The ultimate in style urban and rural, outstanding comfort and the best in off-road capability.
Land rover over the last 55 years has evolved from building farm transport to supplying some of the most well known celebrities with extreme bling motors. Pure durability, toughness and elegance.
The manufacturer now resides in India, now owned by Tata the owners of Jaguar.
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