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Summer is always a season of fun, meaning BBQ's, adventures and of course festivals, and the highlight at least for us is 'The Goodwood Festival of Speed'.
Goodwood Festival of Speed 2022 is now back to full throttle, as last years event was a Pilot from the events research programme due to Covid, in retrospect, it's amazing it went ahead at all.
Arguably this is the best automotive event in the world, now hear me out - yes there are many car shows etc.
The thing is Goodwood offers so much for the automotive enthusiast, for a start:
A hill climb with numerous ICE, EV, Hybrid bikes, cars etc etc roaring up globally renowned route which really tests one's driving skills
Entertainment with music and celebration all provided by Goodwood and manufacturers alike
Tech with Future Lab
Hospitality from numerous provider cuisine from food vans through to fine dining
Automotive heroes, racing drivers, TV presenters
...and finally the cars - Classics, Super, EV, Hybrid, Formula One, Drift, Rallying, Off Roading, ICE and the latest consumer cars, SUV's etc from a number of manufactuers as well as Electric Avenue a haven for EV cars and SUV's where you learn about charging, powertrains etc.
This for us all culminates in a fun action packed day (or days)  where we can catch up with friends and see the latest cars from a multitude of manufacturers and this isn't an exaggeration, just take a look at our Goodwood Festival of Speed Highlights video and you'll see a living and breathing event like no other on earth.
You need to attend the Goodwood Festival of Speed and Goodwood Revival at least once in your lifetime.
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