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One of this years highlights of this years MasterCard Festival of speed at Goodwood is the wealth of Ferraris on show. A vast array of competition cars celebrating the 70th anniversary of Ferrari, formerly Auto Avio Costruzioni founded by Enzo Ferrari in 1939 who went onto build their first car in 1940.

However it was 1947 when the first Ferrari-badged car was completed, thus the 70 year anniversary of the Italian supercar manufacturer.

The display will include some of the rarest most competitive Ferrari models ever made including over 35 significant competition cars from the legendary Ferrari name Marinello - this includes sports car endurance race and Grand Prix models, also expect to see a number of roadgoing Ferrari models the likes of the F50, F40 and TR512 (Testarossa).

These car won't just be on display, they will be flexing their drivetrains on the infamous Goodwood 1.16 mile Hillclimb - it truly will be a lifetime experience 70 years worth of Ferraris unleashing their horses on the infamous Goodwood track, once-in-a-lifetime doesn't even come close.

Models attending include a lineup up of 25 single seater iconic Ferrari cars from each era of Grand Prix cars including pre and post war - powered from 4, 6 8, and 12 cylinder engines some turbocharged, superchargered and naturally aspirated.


Models to look out for include the:- 

  • F 2007 the 2002 F2002
  • 1995 412 T2,
  • 1990 641
  • 1980 312 T5
  • 1965 1512
  • 1974 312 B3 in 1983 312 T5
  • 1948 166
  • 1952 375 Grant Piston Ring Special
  • 1960 1156 Shark nose

and even 2 Lancia D50 cars Ferrari powered and don't forget to look out for the scuderia F1 Ferrari team in attendance all weekend.

As well as pre-war Ferraris there will be a range of Ferrari sports cars cellebrating Successes of the Greatest Endurance Races including

  • 1950 166MM Barchetta
  • 1947 125S
  • 1952 TR 58
  • 1960 2250
  • GTO 365 GTB
  • 1971 LM
  • 1979 512 BB
  • 458GT F40 LM 

After you've satisfied yourself with Grand Prix prewar endurance Ferrari models - You can get up-to-date with Ferrari today, with the Michelin supercar paddock which will feature over 250 legendary Ferrari models including concourse models and all current Ferrari production cars.

Tickets have already sold out for the Saturday and the weekend with Thursday and Friday leaving a limited number of tickets for purchase - please contact Goodwood FOS

The FOS started life in 1993 at the Goodwood estate, since that summer 600 vehicles spanning history have gathered on the drive to celebrate everything automotive. Highlights for the 2017 event include  always you'll have the Hillclimb supercar paddock and the smell of petroleum and adrenaline rushing through your veins whilst you witness all manner of vehicles performing on the hill climb.

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