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A rally car based on a humble hatch back, The Escort RS Cosworth and WRC first came about in the early 90's, after the the first Sierra Cosworth, the phenomenal car is basically an Escort hatchback floor pan, with stretched quarter panels, manufactured longer and with a few more additions. The engine is 2 litre twin cam turbo charged engine which runs unleaded fuel 97 ron (super unleaded) and even has a catalytic converter,

the lump itself is longitudinally mounted. an interesting fact the main difference between Escort Cossie and the RS2000 Mk5 is that engine in that Ford is transversely mounted. The fact the car is fitted with a CAT means the exhaust flow is restricted, therefore affecting power. A cam cover in green shows a mechanic or enthusiast the Cosworth is unleaded.

The Cosworth interior consists of a factory fitted Tilt and Slide sun roof, electric windows & mirrors, tinted windows and central locking and Recaro seats. The car was available as a Motorsport or LUX edition, both were available with optional leather. A limited edition model the 'Monte Carlo' was released due to the success of the Escort RS, this came with OZ styled wheels and a range of WRC new colours, it was also kitted out with Monte Carlo embroidered seats.

The tail gate of this awesome car was something else it featured a twin whale tail, but was replaced on later models with a much subtler spoiler, these became necessary to stay within certain EU laws e.g. Switzerland. Later RS Cossie modesl were also fitted with a much smaller Garett T25 Turbocharger, this did the job of reducing turbo lag and a new type of ECU was fitted to aid driveability, this wasn't applied to the T3 turbo version.

Escort RS Cosworth Specs: (LUX - Motorsport edition)

Engine & Fueling : YBT RS Cosworth 4WD engine, Bore 90.8 mm stroke 77mm, Compression ratio 8:1, Weber-Marelli fuel / engine management system 
Aspiration: T3/T04 turbocharger 0.8 bar boost pressure
BHP: 227bhp @ 6250RPM, Torque 150 lb.ft @ 3500 rpm
Gearbox and drive system: Permanent 4WD (four wheel drive) with 34/66% front/rear power split MT-75 manual 5 speed transmission
Suspension & Handling: Independent Fichtel and Sachs telescopic gas dampers front, rear 28 mm front and 22mm rear with anti roll bars, PA (Power Assisted) rack and pinion steering with 2.45 turns lock to lock
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