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Chevrolet history

Real American muscle cars, around in force for many decades, memory memorable models, all sporting pure power.
General Motors owned Chevrolet a constitutional US car manufacturer. The company was initially started by W.C. Durant in the city of Detroit, Michigan. The first automobiles manufactured were released by a racing driver, Louis Chevrolet. He came up with a design for $2150, it featured a 4.9 litre six cylinder engine. The first car to make a real impact was the Baby Grand, it sold for $875.
All Electrics on Chevrolets were optional until 1917, sales boosted with production techniques and innovations adding certain style this increased sales from 13,600 to 70,701.
1917 brought the acquisition of Chevrolet by GM. Up until 1920 Dodge & Ford were the only marque considered to be above Chevy.
There was the odd motor being designed, however the real auto came in 1925 The Superior, it featued disc wheels and a "Duco cellulose paint finish and sold for a paltry $650. This gave the company the edge and allowed the US manufacturer to outsell Ford for the first time, even with the Model T switching to the to A had no effect.
1929 brought "Cast Iron Wonder" priced at $595 and selling over a million cars in its initial year. This was the performance and success Chevy wanted.
1931 Ford were outsold for 3 years, the 1930's the company became aware the need to improvise, this time brought many new styles and designs V-grilles, hydraulic brake systems, big engines, column shifts, with the intro of convertibles, even a station wagon was introduced in 1939 the Lakewood. With the release of a soft top in 1940 an optional power hood was released with a low price. During this time famed Racing driver Juan Manuel Fangio was victorious in Argentinian driving one of the new coupes.
All designs changed extensively between the 1940's and 50's they restyled a sedan model and sold it for $1460, however the main impact came 1950 when they started to offer a 2 speed auto transmission.
The real change for Chevrolet in 1953 with the releases of the Corvette sports model it came with a V-6 engine and fibreglass body, the car was an inspiration, however it needed more. An 8-cylinder engine was added with the option of air suspension.
1960 brought the releases of the Corvair, this auto featured a turbo charged engine, then in 1965 the introduction of the Stingray changed sports cars for ever. Modern styling really big engines and mad colours including yellow and orange.
Over the years the Chevrolet Company has been behind many great cars from SUV's, pickups, coupes, sedans and of course Sports cars. The intro of new models, brought new styles and toys including ABS, headlamps, engine changes meaning new technologies making them faster, more reliable and economical. Newer autos have included the Corvette Z, Camaro and luxury models such as the Chevelle, Impala and Caprice.
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