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INEOS Grenadier M1 First Look & Prototype Off Road

The Grenadier by INEOS - conceived in the United Kingdom, engineered in Austria and built in France.

Right now, it's on tour - and it's aim is to test this 4x4 over multiple terrains and over a million miles in order to prove that this workhorse is capable of anything. One of it's stops was Duncombe Park in North Yorkshire, and Ben got the chance to see the Grenadier up close in it's natural habitat.

During the test day, Ben was able to passenger in one of their prototypes as it was put through its paces off road:

It will be available with the choice of two BMW engines, a diesel and a petrol, both 3 Litre and both 8 speed automatic. The diesel tops the torque, producing 550 Newton meters, with the petrol producing 450.

With just a small variety of trim levels available, what sets the Grenadier apart is how you can make it your own with the myriad accessories available, including a winch, snorkle, safari windows and an exterior ladder. The interior floor mats even have built in drain valves if you opt for the heavy duty option. Honestly, it's quite a lot of fun just playing with the configurator on their website.

All 5 seats are Recaro's, offering lots of comfort as well as style - match this with the wipeable fabric option, and you have a no nonsense utility vehicle that offers stylish practicality. And to clarify, practicality is a key factor in the design of this 4x4, with switches that are designed to be used when your hands are cold and wet, or when you are wearing gloves.

At the moment, the Grenadier is available as a 5 seater station wagon and a 2 seater utility wagon, with plans to follow it up with a 5 seater utility wagon, and a double cab pick up. Some might scoff at the £48,000.00 plus starting price (all prices TBC) but if you are still using your Grenadier as a workhorse 30 years after buying one, you might well end up having the last laugh.


It's right up there, ready to compete with their nearest competitors (as well as some of their higher priced rivals) as it aims to take the place of the discontinued Land Rover Defender.





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