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This is the Nissan Qashqai – join us as we get behind the wheel.
As a pivotal player in the crossover segment, the Qashqai has carved out a niche for itself by blending the practicality of a family hatchback with the robust appeal of an SUV. Let's dive into what makes the 2023 model a standout in a fiercely competitive market.
The Qashqai’s exterior is modern, with good looks. Its athletic stance is further accentuated by sculpted lines and a tapering roofline, which not only contribute to a dynamic aesthetic but also enhance it’s performance.
Inside, the Qashqai is a revelation of space, comfort, and advanced technology. The cabin is designed with an eye for detail, featuring high-quality materials that range from soft-touch plastics to optional leather upholstery, elevating the sense of luxury. The ergonomic layout ensures that every control is within easy reach, while the seats offer unparalleled comfort during long drives (which is something we can attest to after such a long road trip)
Technology is at the forefront in the Qashqai, with a fully digital instrument cluster and a large infotainment touchscreen that supports both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Connectivity and infotainment options are plentiful, ensuring that both driver and passengers are kept entertained and informed on the go.
On offer is a range of powertrain options, including an innovative mild-hybrid system that enhances fuel efficiency without compromising on power. The engines are tuned to offer a balance of performance and economy, making the Qashqai an excellent choice for those who value a responsive yet economical ride.
Handling and drivability remain strong points for the Qashqai. The crossover feels agile and secure on twisty roads, thanks to its refined suspension setup and precise steering. The ride quality is smooth, effectively absorbing bumps and providing a comfortable driving experience, which is commendable for a vehicle of its class.
Nissan offers the Qashqai in several trim levels, each designed to meet different needs and budgets:

Qashqai – Model

On The Road Pricing

Visia - DIG-T 140 Mild Hybrid Manual 2WD


Acenta Premium DIG-T 140 Mild Hybrid Manual 2WD


Acenta PremiumDIG-T 158 Mild Hybrid Manual 2WD


N-Connecta DIG-T 140 Mild Hybrid Manual 2WD


Acenta PremiumDIG-T 158 Mild Hybrid Xtronic 2WD


N-Connecta DIG-T 158 Mild Hybrid Manual 2WD


Acenta Premium190 e-POWER Automatic 2WD


N-ConnectaDIG-T 158 Mild Hybrid Xtronic 2WD


TeknaDIG-T 140 Mild Hybrid Manual 2WD


TeknaDIG-T 158 Mild Hybrid Manual 2WD


N-ConnectaDIG-T 158 Mild Hybrid Xtronic 4WD


N-Connecta190 e-POWER Automatic 2WD


TeknaDIG-T 158 Mild Hybrid Xtronic 2WD


Tekna+ DIG-T 158 Mild Hybrid Manual 2WD


TeknaDIG-T 158Mild Hybrid Xtronic 4WD


Tekna190 e-POWER Automatic 2WD


Tekna+DIG-T 158 Mild Hybrid Xtronic 2WD


Tekna+DIG-T 158 Mild Hybrid Xtronic 4WD


Tekna+190 e-POWER Automatic 2WD


When compared to its main competitors, such as the Hyundai Tucson and the Kia Sportage, the Qashqai holds its own with a distinct blend of style, technology, and driving dynamics. While the Tucson offers a slightly more spacious interior, the Qashqai counters with superior handling and a more engaging drive. Against the Sportage, the Qashqai’s refined aesthetics and advanced safety features give it an edge, particularly in higher trims.
As Nissan continue to evolve the Qashqai as a cornerstone of the compact crossover market, it offers a compelling mix of style, comfort, and innovative technology. It's tailored to meet the demands of modern drivers and stands out as a thoughtful choice for those who seek a vehicle that combines the practicality of an SUV with the agility of a hatchback.
Whether navigating the bustling city streets or embarking on weekend road trips, the Qashqai promises reliability, efficiency, and enjoyment, making it a perennial favourite among families and adventure-seekers alike.
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