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The bottom line is 2030 is fast approaching the deadline where if the world gets chance will see is all in the electric car, now don't get me wrong we are staunch advocate of the EV, we've driven numerous models Audi, MG, Volvo, Nissan, Tesla, Kia, BMW and numerous others and to be perfectly frank the technology safety and versatility is there.
The biggest challenge with electric cars is the affordability, now electric mobility has reduced considerably since its inception or its mainstream inception back in 2010 and thanks to MG you can get a family hatchback which is fully electric with around a 280 mile range for just under £26,000.
Yes prices are slowly becoming more affordable for the average joe.
At the beginning there was what you called limited choice Tesla, Nissan and few others and if you wanted a Tesla well that would set you back say a Model S P100 D the princely sum of £126,000 where as the leaf was far more palatable at under £30,000.
Each day the EV revolution rolls on whether it's new Charging Technologies, EV infrastructure or First-time adopters - electric-mobility is growing and is here to stay.
Sadly we don't have an EV this week however we did last week - meaning we can't really attend any of the World EV Day Local Meets our gas guzzlers just aren't cricket.
If putting on an Ev meet is your bag then you can visit World EV Day site and grab a pack and put on your own.
The Kia EV6 is doing a 3,600 mile journey to coincide with World EV day, arriving in Lisbon, Portugal.
Since Planetauto started reviewing electric cars, vans etc the advancements we have seen have been something else - the ev tech has advanced in droves, new technologies including blade batteries, new cooling systems, pioneering platforms - longer ranges - better E mobility -  more affordable electric cars.
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