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and electric kitcar you say?. The erod is designed and built by a company called Kyburz AG in Switzerland and the thing about this car is it is 100% electric and Swiss made, what's not to love?
The erod electric sports car made its debut in 2016 at the Geneva Motor Show, it's the first sports car developed by Kyburz. The first UK-spec erod Serial Number 001 is expected to be delivered to the first UK customer in the first half of 2018.
erod specs
  • Weight: (incl. battery)     600 kg
  • Battery: 19.2 kWh, 96 V / 200 Ah
  • Performance: 45 kW / 140 Nm
  • Range: (EU 134/2014)     183 km
  • Top speed: 120 km/h


The electric sports car is completely road legal, and suited to both the track and winding country roads of the British Isles, with instant power delivered by the electric motor your install for a real  fun packed exerience, due to this car being so light, power to weight ratio is quite something.

Kyburz is name your going to be hearing more and more, they have for many years been developing various electric vehicles for industry and delivery, in 1991 the company started out making mobility vehicles and then in 2002, the ideal company for launching a fully electric sports car. The erod first made its UK debut this November, and already it has a positive impact firmly positioning itself in front of the British public.
The electric roadster is starting to gain quite a following, it's already been featured in a number of publications including Plugin Magazine and Autovolt with an article written by Beth Lily Georgiou, the racing driver.
Like most sports cars this is built to be fun and handle like its on rails and put a big grin on your face, whilst doing it and with its instant power delivery, we bet it does just that. The exterior is very minimalist, with the chassis visible giving it a very sporty appearance, which clearly takes no prisoners. There are no doors like you'd expect in a car like this, you just climb in over the rollcage and get into your rally car seat, which is manufactured by no less than OMP, the guys famous for rally and racing products. Once in, you strap yourself into four point harness and you're ready to roll, this car doesn't have a windscreen in case your wondering, but it doesn't need one.
The first thing you'll notice is the height the Erod sits off the floor, pretty low comes to mind, combine that with lightning acceleration which gets you 0-50mph in 4 seconds means that this car feels a damn site quicker than a car at a normal road height, the battery is mounted on the floor which gives the car a very low centre of gravity giving it exceptional handling capibilities.
One of the the coolest parts of ordering one is you can style your stripe, all the cars come in white, however as optional extra you can choose various hues for the body.
Now we can't comment about how it drives yet, but we soon will as we have an entire day with the erod on the 25th January down at Milton Keynes, we'll bring you a review and show you how this awesome electric sports car drives, handles and makes us feel, we can't wait. However before that we will get to meet the guys of Kyburz and their eRod ev at The Autosport International Show in January and if you're at that show you should definitely visit them and have a look at the cars and see what they're doing with electric sports car performance.
The price is around £32,000 for the kitcar and £38,000 for a complete car, these look like the perfect contender for electric sports cars for people to drive on race tracks, it even comes with LED lights for night racing LED lights. Kyburz have really thought about who will be buying there cars, and by that I mean enthusiasts of sportscars and motorsport and that is why you can buy the electric roadster as a complete car or in kitcar form, and get this as it's only 96v it means anyone can build it, not just specialists, now that's thinking outside the box.
We'll bring you our full video review in January 2018, in the meanwhile book a test drive at erod UK
When it first launched these were the models unveiled - The BasicFun and Race.
Basic - Powered by a 45kw motor delivering 60bhp and 140nm \ 103lb-ft of torque with a 10 kWh battery it weighs in at only 530kg, and tops out at 75mph and has a range of 70 km per charge, recharging takes around 6 hours,
Fun -   Powered by a 45kw motor delivering 60bhp and 140nm \ 103lb-ft of torque with a 17.3 kWh it weighs in at 600 kg, a touch heavier than the basic model, however the Fun gives you significantly increased range with 130 km, recharging takes 6 hours.
Race -  Powered by a 150kw motor delivering 201 bhp and 305 Nm \ 225lb-ft of torque it weighs in at 650kg, the heaviest of the bunch and for good reason it has a 39 kWh battery giving you a range of 220km and a top speed 87mph, recharging takes only 4 hours.
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