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Well some rather interestings info floating around today including a render on AutoCar - Is there a new MG4 Estate on the horizon? The rumored MG4 Estate signals MG's forward-thinking shift towards a future-ready, scalable EV architecture that leads on from MG5 and a practical electric estate car with all the tech and advancements from MG4.

Now creating this rather making a brand new MG5 may well be far more cost effective, as MG4 is built on the manufacturers platform which is fully scalable, it would also then be RWD with the route of AWD if deemed so, exciting? We thinks so.

We also ask ourselves is it time introduece a hybrid variant similar to MG3 hybrid?

Watch this space in the meanwhile, this potential new addition to the MG family aims to merge the practicality expected of a station wagon with the enhanced performance of MG's latest electric drivetrains,  maintaining the brand's ethos of accessibility and affordability.

This rumoured latest strategy underlines MG's dedication to evolving its vehicle lineup, embracing technology, and design innovation, all while staying true to its commitment to provide value to its customers.


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