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Introducing the new Nissan X-Trail! We got to see this in the flesh at the 2023 Silverstone Festival, however we didn’t get chance to drive it. So when we saw that it was one of the vehicles

available at the SMMT North Test Day, well we made it our mission to get behind the wheel. It’s quite different to the previous generation we had on review back in 2017 – just look at how different the infotainment screen is – just check out the floating centre console - and it’s chock full of tech and safety too.

The X-Trail is one of Nissan’s largest SUV’s – it can seat up to seven passengers – and comes with a number of powertrains and trims to choose from, including their e-POWER. What sets this powertrain apart is the battery that drives the electric front motor connected to the wheels, lifting that job from the engine completely.

The one thing that’s not available now is diesel.

Join us as we take a closer look at what this third generation SUV has to offer.

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