Monday, June 14, 2021

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Earlier this year we reviewed the impressive Vauxhall Corsa 1.0T which we believe to be the best sporty alternative to the Ford Fiesta, however Vauxhall aren’t stopping there, they showcased an impressive line-up of cars at the London Motor Show for a range of markets. The real contenders are in the compact crossover (sports utility vehicle) the Crossland X and latest generation executive saloon the Insignia Grand Sport.
It's no secret that PSA (Peugeot) took over Vauxhall earlier this year for an estimated 1.9bn, surprising, especially considering GM have not made a profit with Vauxhall in Europe in the last decade. It's likely no surprise then that the Crossland X shares many of the underpinnings of its close rival, the Peugeot 2008, carrying over its 1.2 Petrol and 1.6 Diesel engines both superb units which can achieve in excesses of 50mpg.
Maybe the PSA takeover isn’t such a bad thing after all? 
The Crossland is a small crossover option aimed more at the family market as a alternative to the Mokka, rivalling cars such as the MG XS and Peugeot 2008. This car also conveniently replaces the Meriva Model, this new direction for Vauxhall is apparent in the cars design offering a friendlier and sleek design over the Mokka, however subtly showing its utilitarian side with plastic trim around the lower half of the car and raised driving position. The biggest downfall to this car has to be the lack of 4 wheel drive, although this would be unlikely not there biggest seller it is something which you expect to see within this type of market.  The Crossland just like every other new Vauxhall comes with a wide range of tech options, likely including everything we found on our 2017 Corsa 1.0 T review would be on this car too - including Onstar calling, parking sensors and WiFi. A wide range of engines are being made available in both diesel and petrol variants, automatic and manual available on both. As well as great practicality and low expected running costs the Crossland X is going to be a very competitive car to the market, surely challenging the Nissan Juke, MG XS and the Ford Kuga.  
After a sporty premium saloon? Well the next contender for Vauxhall this year is the Insignia Grand Sport, redefining the next generation of Vauxhall cars. After the latest Corsa and Astra reaffirming there position in the hatchback market and crossover market, this new new line-up of hatches, SUVs and crossovers has placed them in a very competitive market position, it was only natural for the next step to target the premium saloon market.
The 2017 Insignia rivals the Ford Mondeo and definitely starts to step on the toes of some of its more premium German rivals. The latest generation of Insignia is bigger, better and more technological than ever before, yet it is stil lighter and more economical than previous versions.
Engines begin with a 1.5L turbo petrol all the way up to 2.0 turbo petrol delivering 256bhp - a range of diesel engines are also available both with manual and automatic transmissions.
An increased wheelbase length of 92mm is used within the cabin space making it one of the most spacious in its class.
Personally we think the styling swamps some of its rivals, as you would expect like all new current Vauxhall models a range of trim levels are available, providing a great abundance of technology - everything from climate control to On-Star Calling. Early signs indicate the Insignia Grand Sport is going to be a great car and a real contender to the executive saloon market. You now have to decide if all this greatness justifies the price of around £27,000, bear in mind the 2017 Corsa we reviewed came in at just under £21,000, now there's food for thought.
We can't wait to get the new Insignia on the road in the coming months and test if for ourselves. 
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