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McLaren 650s Liberty Walk
Well it's just over a month till the London motor show and we've just had confirmed that Liberty walk, the world renowned Japanese tuning company
will be showcasing their latest vehicles. This includes the latest creation the McLaren 650S which has just finished its stint at the Geneva motor show 2017 where it made its first appearance. Now this McLaren is like no other and no doubt it will soon be hogging the limelight like its debut at the Geneva motor show - the 650s has custom body styling and livery, side diffuser, new front and rear bumper and a rather compelling elevated rear wing and not forgetting the widened arches, wherever this McLaren goes  it screams for attention - in addition we may well see their infamous Lamborghini and who knows what else. Having recently teamed up with Vorsteiner to become its official European distribution partner this is the first time Great Britain has seen liberty walks highly modified vehicles on British soil. 
London motor shows chairman Alex Mumford said "We are delighted to welcome liberty walk and can't wait to see the McLaren 650S in Battersea Park in all its glory" he then added "these guys really know how to add drama to an already dramatic car and they certainly have enough in their armoury to be star of the show. Liberty walk will invite a new youthful audience to the London motor show and we're very excited for them to be set up here. 
There you have it liberty walk at the London motor show and we've just heard that they've got to more spaces for two more cars, let your mind wander and dream which models these will appear, maybe the Lamborghini? maybe something new? Or something muscle maybe a  Ferrari who knows.
We've just heard that the Tesla 60D and 60S have been discontinued, it makes you wonder what's in the pipeline for Tesla and what vehicles they'll be showcasing.
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