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The car moved from concept to reality in 2013, taking almost 4 years for Rolls-Royce to bring the Sweptail to life, the client asked the manufacturer to create a vehicle from the 1920s and 30s era but reimagined for todays world, with modern model influences as well historic coachbuilt two seater Rolls Royces from eras since past, models such as the dramatic 1925 Phantom where the rounded tapering glasshouse rear style gets its influence and the 1934 Phantom 2 with its streamlined saloon style and axel proportion and of course the dramatic sweep of the rear departure angle.

This one off Rolls Royce can also be seen to gather inspiration from the 1934 Phantom 2 door light saloon and the 1930's Park Ward 20/25 limousine coupe as well as having automotive influences you can clearly see from the roof shot of the swooping the panoramic roof echoes from luxury yacht styling.


The Sweptail sits on the Phantom platform and is the largest of its kind, the drivetrain and engine is powered by the Rolls V12 6.6 Litre engine giving it a more than adequate 453 bhp. The front the front cannot be mistaken for a Rolls-Royce special edition model with its Pantheon inspired grill milled from solid aluminium with a highly polished mirror finish, even the numberplate is bespoke the 08 plate is also milled from aluminium ingots and hand polished.

As you would expect the interior closely follows the exteriors contemporary and simple styling saying that it features the utmost luxuriest features, with quantities of polished Madagasan Ebony and Paldeo veneers giving it a contemporary and classical look.

The contrast is added with dark spice and moccasin leather for the upholstery, dashboard and armrests and as you can see the Sweptail has no rear seats instead it houses a ‘Passarelle’ , a vast expanse of wood with an illuminated glass lip and shelf not to dissimilar to the styling of classic bespoke yachts - the perfect place for your umbrella, hat or even your bespoke luggage.

This is RR's first ever car to feature a handmade Rolls-Royce clock made from titanium and veneer thin enough to allow you to see the numbers and hands, allowing the timepiece to seamlessly blend into the dashboard. The centre console houses a chiller for your bottle of vintage champagne as well as 2 champagne flutes crystal, handmade panniers and matching full set of Sweptail bespoke luggage, this bespoke coachbuilt model can be seen to 2 days only at the concourse Odette Eleganza at Villa Desta on the side of Lake Como shortly then returning heading to its new owner, where we have been assured the car won't just be garaged, but driven.



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