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BREAKING NEWS: We've just had the T90EV on full review - to find out more, watch it here: 

Now, before you ask - yes, there is a full T90EV review coming, as well as load tests in relation to economy, off roading whilst carrying 300kg and some other bits and pieces! However, we were so excited to have the Maxus EV Pickup on review, we've gone live with a first look at the commercial EV, we take a brief look at the interior, charging times, load limits, tech, practicality and of course the range.

The 2022 Commercial Vehicle Show was an eye opener for many, especially with the unveil of the first fully electric pickup truck ever in Britain, The Maxus, formerly LDV and it is a gamechanger, whether it's towing or carrying loads, in ULEZ this will really come into it's own.

With the road to 2030 looming ever closer, it was only a matter of time until this predominately diesel vehicle was electried. The pickup from Maxus was unveiled in 2022, however it did start out life in 2020 in the likes of Thailand etc., with a number of aliases - namely MG Extender, T90 and T60.

Of what we've experienced from it so far, it's the perfect culmination of practicality, capability, and a good old ladder chassis - and the bottom line is, it's a commercial vehicle so you can claim your VAT back, and it's probably good on BiK - more on that later...

To be honest, the only thing missing is 4X4, which will be remedied at some point in the future, so more updates when we have them.

Now, for £50K, it may sound a lot, but you get a lot of car for your money. It's also wise to bear in mind that electrification ramps up the cost of any vehicle, however, when you offset this against reduced road tax, and reduced charging costs (we hope) it's the way the car industry is going.

T90EV Pickup Stats:

Price = £49,950.00 excluding VAT
Range = 220 miles - increases in a city environment, likely up to 280 miles
Battery size = 88.5kWh
Length = 5365mm
Width = 1900mm
Height = 1809mm
Weight = 2300kg
Payload = 1000kg
Towing Capacity = 1500kg
Type 2 Charging = 11kW
Rapid Charging = 80kW
Charge Time = 20%-80% in 45 mins using Rapid Charge

The Electric Pickup has got a fair level of kit, including parking sensors, reversing camera and full LED lights. It also features V2L.

Maxus T90EV review coming soon.

Update 14/02/2023 :- We've spent the last few days getting to grips with the truck, and it's rather impressive, we've tested economy with a 350kg load, as well as 3 up, we also charged it using a CCS charger and now we're preparing tomorrow to go greenlaning in the Lake District to test it's offroad capabilities, also how that affects range, now it may only be 2WD however with it's raised ride height, decent wading depth and ground clearance it should walk especialy with a decent load on the bed - more videos coming soon as well as the full T90EV review.





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