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Last week I received an invite to attend a remap on my friends VW Transporter Type 5 at BHP UK HQ located in the Time technology park in Burnley, previously the T5 had been tuned at Cumbria VAG held in June at the Westmorland Show Ground, however the bus needed a few tweaks.

We arrived at 11am where we got to experience first hand the BHPUK team hard at it. The Transporter was driven onto the rolling road next to Qal's Porsche 911 which was having the brakes replaced after the weekends racing at VAG tuner at Donington Park had taken it's toll essentially cooking the drilled discs and boiling the fluid, 'drive it hard' the motto here.

It took the skilled techinician around 30 mins to get the van ready to roll, whilst the guy was setting up the Rolling Road, he was making sure we had everything we needed and was happily bantering about his love of cars and buses, this guy had skills, his knowledge was bottomles whether it was engine swap with a tsi engine into a mk2 Golf or a Subaru Impreza engine into a 1950s Splitty this guy knew it (Purists I know).

We chatted whilst getting as many shots of the cars and vans at the workshop, and waited patiently till it was dyno time, checkout the video on youtube to see the T5 being taken through its paces. The first reading didn't go to plan, it read around 90bhp at the flywheel well under power. A little history on this Transporter and and its remap career, the bus had a new turbo, was tuned up then remapped, however since the new parts its been extremely hard to achieve a decent bhp and torque, possibly due to a faulty mass airflow metre.

Qal wasn't happy with this and went off to forge a new remap, we hit the coffee shop.

We returned around 40 mins later, the T5 remap was complete and was ready to go on the dyno once again, this time a higher bhp was achieved at the flywheel, a definite improvement, however more could be gained, we took the bus for a short drive round the Time technology park, not ideal due to the oneway system in place and endless speedbumps. There was definite improvement, lag had been eliminated, flatspots had gone, and the Trnsporter felt all round to have more torque, even spinning off the line. 

Qal still knew there was more potential in this veedub, it was time for tuning whilst rolling on the open this would give a greater idea what was happening when being driven. Armed with the Laptop we hit the roads of Burnley, there is footage, bumpy at best.

We returned after around 10 mins, after some tweaks Qal managed around 122bhp at the flywheel, by that time the T5 had developed a puncture, time to head off.

An amazing bunch of guys(gal), knowledgable, skilled and courteous nothing was too much for the team - need a remap or some advice you won't go far wrong with BHP UK. PS watch out for there air filters hitting tuning stores soon, follow them on instagram @bhp_uk or visit their website Official BHP-UK remaps and dyno


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