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The Mitsubishi L200 Series 6 is a formidable beast, this latest model comes with a brand-new all aluminium 2.2 four-cylinder turbocharged engine with intercooler, we have a 6 speed automatic gearbox as well as descent control you can also get six speed manual.

This pickup is built to tow and carry loads also with eas, where this pickup differs though is economy, it is extremely economical, I know right and that can't possibly be correct, with Ben driving he was getting 31 MPG, now WLTP claims around 29 MPG, and Mitsubishi have carried out some real-world tests and the L200 Series 6 has actually returned upto 52 MPG, making it a very good prospect for businesses.

The Series 6 is practical, versatile and strong as you'll see from the video it can tow 3.5T and carry 625 kg on the bed simultaneously, it's four-wheel-drive mode is very good and it now includes an additional 4 modes for terrain specialisation, the drivetrain etc will adjust power torque split etc.

Sadly it looks like the new L200 is going be the last vehicle that we see from Mitsubishi, it's a sad time because this latest facelift and new design language, namely the front is fantastic on all three models the ASX, Eclipse Cross and the new L200.

The model we had was the Barbarian X, there are a few trims to choose from and the range starts at just under £22,000 but our model starts around £29,000 we get lots of kit for that including a 360 camera, LED lights and parking sensors all round, it is also trimmed very well too.

If your after a practical pickup it does tick all the boxes as Annabelle would say, and you can accessorise as you see fit.


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