What a show AutoSport is shaping up to be, and now with an exclusive Ferrari FXX-K Evo announced as the third latest car to be confirmed as a main feature of Europe's biggest preseason Motorsport show, it's certainly going be a very special event.
This astounding car will be the main feature for the Ferrari offering from Corse Clienti,
 we were lucky enough at this years Goodwood Festival of speed to get up close and personal with a blue FXX-K the sound was phenomenal and the look we'll never forget it check out our video of the FXX-K launching. This Italian Hypercar car joins the 488 Challenge and a 2017 world endurance championship winning 488 GTE.
AutoSport International runs from the 11th to the 14th January - This particular Ferrai last month was the centre piece at the Final Mondiali in Mugello and amazingly this XX programme car will be the first time the car has been seen outside of Italy prior to its on track debut. This auto is a significant part of the 2018 Ferrari XX programme, now as you would expect this car is far from standard even though it's based on the La Ferrari it utilises F1 expertise and adds lots of carbon fibre lots more than its predecessor and it generates a staggering 1000 bhp from its V12 engine.
The body of the car has undergone some extensive modifications to increase down force and airflow this is achieved with a modified aero package, the track car generates 830 kg of downforce at top speed that's a 23% increase compared to the FXX-K, it has a fixed wing on the tail and an active rear spoiler which develops seamless synergy the rear wing is a twin profile system aided by two side fins as well as a central fin.
This state-of-the-art Ferrari FXX K Evo is as you would expect aimed at a very small clientele namely enthusiasts of supercars who like sharing the prancing horse development. This latest car is a significant evolution in the XX programme which launched in 2005, which allowed cars to be developed to play an active role in development and eponymous research offering uncompromising performance and the latest innovation.
The Ferrari feature will offer a full range of cars from Corse Clienti auntie, from the Challenge car to the GT car, through the XX dev cars to Formula One. A Corse Clienti can take an owner via the Corsa Pilota programme from a 488 GTB through the Ferrari Challenge series to Le Mans, or the XX development cars through to driving and owning a Scuderia Ferrari Formula 1 car.
Andrew van de Burgt Autosport Media UK Editor-in-Chief, said “The first time the Ferrari FXX-K Evo will be seen outside of Italy is at the NEC, Birmingham in January at Autosport International. The car is as close to stepping into some Formula One machinery and the show will be the perfect place to see it up close in the flesh. It is going to be a massive hit with petrolheads at the show!”
We couldn't agree more -
AutoSport International takes place at the Birmingham NEC from the 11th January to the 14th it is part of the Motorsport Network one of the worlds leading online and print motorsport publishers to find out more visit www.autosportinternational.com where you can buy tickets and find out more about the event

AutoSport International takes place at the Birmingham NEC from the 11th January to the 14th it is part of the Motorsport Network one of the worlds leading online and print motorsport publishers.


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