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Michael Eastwell is on a journey to become a world famous racing driver and is setting his sights firmly on the new and upcoming sustainable sport Formula e, after having recently raced and had an extremely successful season, winning the US championship racing on a chassis he co-developed.
The Michael Eastwell racing star sees the future of motor racing being in formula e and to that end is seeking sponsors, to help him achieve his goal.
Michael being a fan followed the formula E championship throughout last year and visited the Battersea Park track back in July 2016 where he saw first hand the London E Prix, this is what clinched his decision to aim at racing in this up and coming motor sport.
Formula Electric is where Michael sees himself heading from 2017, in Michaels own words he see it as the future of motor racing, exciting, fresh and sustainable answer to motor racing - in the racing drivers own words 'Racing out of Passion and Perseverance to make a difference'. 
With this in mind Planet Auto would like to help make this a reality, as you all know we greatly support the sustainable motorsport having been VIP guests at the Donnington Formula e preview in 2015. Never have we met such enthusiasm in motor racing as we did on that day, Lucas Di Grassi was so passionate about the sport, explaining where he saw it going, how he would like to tweak certain aspects of the system to explaining the power trains and telemetry, all the racers in the pits on that day, loved the new ev sport. Whilst at the event we got experience firsthand a hotlap with Nelson Piquet Junior and Bruno Correia, round the circuit in the Qualcomm i8 Safety car. If anyone would be interested in investing in an up and coming star, please contact us.

Since the beginning the audience following and supporting Formula e has grown exponentially, it was a challenge to introduce such a futuristic motorsport, however utilising such clever elements as FanBoost paid off making the sport appeal to a different audience, FanBoost is where a fan can vote for their favourite driver and the driver with the most votes get a momentary engine boost in the race to aid in winning.

This type of electric racing is becoming more of a reality especially with the 2040 ban on diesel and petrol combustion engines looming. As we mentioned Michael sees the electric series as a very innovative move which sits squarely at the forefront of Future motorsport. Sustainable racing is the key and we would have to agree: having seen first hand how passionate the drivers and racing teams are and how they want to make this type of racing a success, not replacing Formula One, just running alongside it.
Michael has many strengths - an outgoing, positive, sociable and funny guy extremely competitive but can also critique himself. A skill which comes in handy when considering his mentor is Jim Robertson, famed for his racing career and professional Motorsport photography. Michael enhances and improves his racing eachtime by recording and documenting each and every race, including vehicle telemetry, track time and noting key points from each session, logging data such as engine, chassis, tires changes and seeing how each component performed.
The racing driver knows that he has to be in peak physical condition, honouring that, Michael trains in the gym three days a week and has a five day cardio regime.
Since a very early age Michael has immersed himself in motor racing, in a word this is his life, and not just driving, spectating is one of his main interests, whether it's on television or trackside, he started racing back in 2009 and raced as a privateer for over five years supported by his mother and father, his career started with Karting soon progressing to cars including Formula Ford, Eastwell has extremely high standards and takes pride in his racing career - Now he takes on his biggest challenge yet, getting into Formula E -

Visit Michael Eastwell Racing to keep up to speed to see when the young driver performs in Anglesey then followed by Silverstone.

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