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Next month Goodwood celebrates it's 20th and among this years festivities the event will commemorate the 60th anniversary of the famous 1957 British Grand Prix at Aintree. This is in addition to a no. of other celebrations being held at the 2017 Goodwood revival.

This momentous occasion will be one you won't want to miss, this memorable day back in 1957 saw the British racing heroes Toni Brooks and Stirling Moss share a Toni

 Vanderwall's and scored the maiden Formula One world championship victory for a British car, it also marks the day that Stirling Moss retired his 18 poll sitting machine early with a miss fire to takeover Brook's car.

Brooks had earlier that year been involved in a collision on the Le Mans track and the driver was still suffering from the effects in which he crashed in Aston Martin DB. Brooks was ordered to bring his car back in number 20 to handover the reigns to Moss with the number 20 car and renewed vigour Moss went after Pole Position passing the leading Maserati with 20 laps to run he then went on to take victory by almost 30 seconds from a trio of Ferraris

This was the final time, the third time in fact in F1 history that two drivers would share the victory spoils, another interesting fact is that both Stirling Moss and Toni Brooks both began their racing legacies at Goodwood in their respective vehicles.

In addition to commemorating the 1957 British Grand Prix victory you can also witness Ecurie Ecosse as they showcase 11 Jaguar D Types round the track in racing formation, there will alsoi be many pre-66 cars racing throughout the weekend and don't forget to dress up - of pre 66 vintage of course.

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