Thursday, July 07, 2022

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Looking for a corporate driving experience that will

bring your team together, or incentivize to put more in?


We also offer 1st class Corporate event management and have an impressive client portfolio - find out more on our KameleonUK Linkedin page.

With Planet Auto Corporate car days there is no limit, we have been living and breathing all things cars for many years and in that time we have seen the power of a driving experience - In fact, There is no feeling that beats getting behind the wheel of a great vehicle whether it's a Supercar, 4x4 or Prestige, the adrenaline, the feeling and above all the smile on your face. A corporate driving experience can really increase engagement in your team, improve company profile and increase your sales and give added incentive as a rewards programs.

PlanetAuto in conjunction with KameleonUK will create you an event with one of our chosen venues, we then do everything, book with our dedicated team ensures you will have everything you need - A full VIP experience -

We will design and implement a bespoke Driving Event for your team in conjuction with you and your team, alternativley give us your base requirements and we will do the rest.

This includes:- 

  • Meet and Greet

  • Catering

  • Guest Speaker(s)

  • All logistics

  • Booking

  • Seeking the best venue(s)

  • Booking transport -air, chaufeurs, rail etc

  • Special insurance (if required) Pit Lane access etc

  • Feedback gathering onsite (if required)

  • Complete onsite support (if required)



Our Clients

A driving experience can't be topped, and since we have been running corporate events with our dedicated team KameleonUK and have a team with over 100 years combined experience in the corporate sector with such clients as:-




We are the perfect people to get you everything you need - After an event with our team, you and your clients will be reveling for more.

  • An event like this is perfect for:-

  • Staff Vs Employees or Company Vs Client

  • Team Building events

  • Ice breaking

  • Staff incentive day’s out

  • Conferences and meetings with a difference

  • Product Launches

  • Manufacturer events to showcase your products


We have various sites based all over England, Wales and Scotland, want one overseas? no problem contact us.


Please give Annabelle Bush a call to find out more 07538 100 645 or visit 

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