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It's been coming for many years, a Lamborghini SUV, well this evening the vehicle expected to double Lamborghini sales is being unveiled to the world, the vehicle is surrounded by mystery from it's looks, spec and even its price, expected around $200,000. The Super SUV will certainly turn heads -

This is the first SUV for the Italian car manufacturer since the infamous LM002, famed for its appearance in Toys with Robin Williams and LL Cool J, 

this vehicle was amazing it looked like an off roader / SUV should and performed like one thanks to its V12 600bhp Countach engine it was produced from the 80s to the 90s.

The Urus will certainly be an interesting move in Lamborghini moving forward and tackling the new SUV market dominated by the Bentayga, Levante and soon to be Cullinan by Rolls royce, if you want to view it live have a look at Since we made it possible

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